About Us

Atomic Buddha Arts has been in business since the turn of the millennium and participates in a wide range of activities.  Frank C S Jannuzzi has been involved in the fields of Motion Picture Production, Television Production, Sports Entertainment, News Promotion, Web Design, Graphic Design and Motion Graphics for all of his working life.  He is a creative individual that also possesses the ability to understand and interface with the business world.

While facts and figures often need a creative touch to enhance their communication value, sometimes business restrictions can provide parameters to creative activity that allow for a truly original approach to a given project.

Frank earned his B.F.A. in Film and Television Production from Tisch Scool of the Arts at New York University and has worked for major Hollywood production companies as well as for both local and national broadcast television companies.  In addition he has produced video for major political campaigns and directed the entertainment at regional sporting events.  Frank has also designed graphics and layouts for print, web and video as well as produced professional websites for a variety of businesses.

His unique range of experience combined with an insatiable quest for knowledge inform a wide variety of abilities that he is always happy to employ to the best advantage of his clients.  Chances are, if he doesn’t have an immediate solution to your problem, he can help you find one quickly that fits within the needs of your organization and budget.

What’s with that name?

I’ve received plenty of compliments on the name Atomic Buddha Arts but I’ve also received a few blank stares.  Even the occasional “You better change THAT if you want to find work around HERE!”

For those of you who want to know where Atomic Buddha came from, the story goes back to my first foray into the fine art of selling yourself.  When I first decided to offer my services directly to the public, I was focused more on helping people use their computers.  I did anything and everything from troubleshooting computer problems, installing hardware or software, training, to helping them fill out their online dating profiles.  I’ve always been fond of the exotic so I decided to call myself Computer Swami and I used the tagline “inner peace for your pc.”

Eventually my business shifted from tech support to design, graphics and media.  Somehow the tech support moniker Computer Swami just didn’t do it for me in the world of art and creativity.  I was discussing it with a close friend and we were throwing ideas around as we drove through the canyons of Los Angeles in his Jeep.  Among the various ideas buzzing through our brains, Atomic Buddha slipped out our lips.  I loved it right away.  Not because of any deep meaning, philosophical stance or religious preference, but because I just liked the sound of it.  I also liked the juxtaposition of modern and ancient ideas.  Atomic certainly fit the digital world – with a nod to fifties era tech hype – and some research uncovered the sanskrit base of the word Buddha – awakened.  So there I was – Atomic Buddha, awakened to the digital world.

Of course I couldn’t ignore the tagline.  I really liked my old “inner peace for your pc.”  Since a common theme surrounding the word Buddha is enlightenment, and somehow that blended with the “speed of light” phrase in my brain, it was a very short mental leap to “Creativity at the speed of enlightenment.”  The phrase amuses me to no end, of course.  Anyone who has looked into the concept of enlightenment will know that people often claim it takes lifetimes to achieve but that when it is achieved, it arrives like “a flash of lightning.”  A common theme in creativity.  People often don’t know where their creative ideas come from and sometimes it takes them a while to find them but when they arrive, it’s usually like “a flash of lightning.”  Just like how the name Atomic Buddha came into being.